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Need donations to setup my small web agency

Greetings to all! My name is Charul Sharma. I work as a freelance web designer to assist my clients in creating websites for their companies. I put all of my savings into starting my business with the goal of seeing it through to success. I have created numerous websites for my clients over the past year, but in addition to this, I have lost the majority of them since I do not have a recognized business.

I am unable to obtain a respectable wage from my clients because I work as a freelancer now. I am therefore searching for people who will provide me with some cash so that I can register my own company and rent an office to operate my enterprise. Since my father retired from his job, I am the only one in the family who needs to handle paying the bills. I am in serious difficulties and am at a loss for what to do. I have to pay back the money I borrowed to purchase my computer and some other stuff as soon as possible, and I hope to help someone else when I have enough money in the future.


Thank you all!

Charul Sharma

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