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WordPress Website Maintenance Plan

Website upkeep is something that is simple to overlook. Not everyone enjoys doing the job because it requires a fair quantity of your time. But don’t worry, Siteplannerr is happy to assist you with WordPress website management. Both big and little.

You might liken the upkeep of your website to that of your vehicle. Your website’s foundation is meticulously maintained so that it continues to function flawlessly and maintains the highest level of security.

Maintenance Plan Packages

Web Care Basic

Weekly On-Site Backup
Daily Database Optimization
Daily Security & Malware Scans
WordPress, Plugins & Theme Updates
Any Minor Content Update
Weekly Reports

Web Care Plus

Weekly On-Site Backup
Daily Database Optimization
Daily Security & Malware Scans
WordPress, Plugins & Theme Updates
Any Minor Content Update
Weekly Reports

Why Do We Need A Website Maintenance Plan?

The user experience and search engine optimization of your website will both benefit from regular technical upkeep. For clients that would prefer to update their own material but don’t want to deal with technological changes and security issues, we offer maintenance plans. Perhaps there are moments when you require a little additional help. Whether it’s a big work or a minor update, I’m here to help you and your crew, so that you can easily manage your business while leaving the headache of website maintenance to me!

Maintenance Plan Itenary

  • Any small content revision (if requires less than 10 minutes)
  • Security patches for plugins are updated every week.

  • As soon as an update to WordPress core is posted, apply it.

  • Weekly backups are performed on your website to ensure that you always have a current copy in hand in case you need to recover from an attach.

  • I always keep an updated backup copy of the website on a protected disk belonging to a third party that is not connected to your hosting account.

  • I’ll keep track of website outages and get in touch with your host as soon as we learn it’s down.


  • Update the website’s information, including news, blog posts, and updates to the company’s data, images, offers, and promotions, among other things.
  • Maintain the website’s technical integrity and incorporate new features and technologies.
  • Fix potential WordPress website faults like the 504 Gateway Timeout, 404 Page not found, and 500 Internal Server Error.
  • Performing the daily totals and archive (backup).
  • Support and technical guidance for all inquiries and issues from clients.
  • Ensure the web’s resilience to modifications and upgrades to the hosting server and the system itself.
  • Secure the internet completely to prevent any kind of hacker, virus, or malware attack.
  • Obtain complete compatibility with new and diverse hardware, mobile devices, and online browsers.
  • Boost the website’s ranking in online search results.

This package includes upkeep for a single website. To combine several websites, SITEPLANNERR provide unique rates.

Additional site modifications are not covered by maintenance plans, but we are still available to assist. If you are a subscriber to any plan, all requests are charged at our discounted pay-per-request rate of 200/hour INR.

For any type of update and maintenance, the standard hourly rate of 500 INR is applicable if you do not have any care plans.

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