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Website On EMI

Website On EMI

Let’s start right now and be the best in your business.

Since getting a smart and responsive website these days is not a big deal, Siteplannerr has introduced the “Website on EMI” offer. Many businesses and individuals are creating excellent websites. However, the budget, costs, and services are the primary issues. We recognize that professionals, small and medium-sized organizations, and start-ups may have trouble investing in websites due to limited funds, costs, and services.

Considering this, Siteplannerr has created a fantastic, one-of-a-kind chance to help professionals, small and medium-sized organizations, and start-ups by offering websites on EMI, and that too without charging any interest or additional costs.

Terms And Conditions

  • SITEPLANNERR is bringing you this website on EMI offer plan to assist everyone in having an online presence.
  • Filling out the inquiry form and describing your demands is required if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

  • After contacting the client, SITEPLANNERR will return with a website design proposal outlining the work’s parameters and the associated costs.

  • Clients must pay 40% of the whole cost up front and the remaining 60% in three month EMIs to take advantage of this deal. The first year is the only time the domain and hosting are valid.

  • Clients will start receiving updates from SITEPLANNERR one week before their EMI date.
  • If a client fails to pay his or her EMI on time, SITEPLANNERR has the right to discontinue the website on EMI plan at any time and without prior warning.

  • Only website design projects are eligible for this offer.

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